About Us

Appcelerate is a worldwide supplier with offices in New York, London, Amsterdam. Enabling us to reach the vast majority of key markets in the world today, today we trade in the Asia Pacific region with further planned expansion of further technical personnel.

As a group we can supply product and support product around the clock into some of the most remote areas of the globe. This value add extends operationally and logistically for many of our customers and suppliers removing the headache and worry of when or how the technology solution will arrive or how it is serviced.

As part of the Ampito Group, we have a wealth and breadth of experience in high performance computing, data centre and corporate networks - we specialise in unified communications, security, wireless, data centre and LAN & WAN (MPLS) technologies.

Through our support services group we can deliver projects piece meal or as part of a phased roll out or use the technologies to deliver you the advantages as a fully managed service. We have excellent professional services capabilities that are supported through our 24x7 customer service centre. For more information on the group services please go to www.ampito.com